Peg Donley, LSCSW

Since 1988 I have been teaching, supervising, and consulting to therapists in the area of family systems theory. I have presented on the local and national level on many topics related to individual and family relationships. From 1988-2000, I was on faculty of The Menninger Foundation where I taught and supervised in their marriage and family therapy training program. Since 2000, I have been co-director of ongoing clinical seminar for area therapists in Bowen family systems theory.

Local and National Presentations:

  • Bonding and Babies: The connection between pair-bonds and parental care (Washington DC)
  • Love and the Primary Triangle: An Evolutionary Perspective on Gender and Stress Reactivity
  • Love and Other Drugs (Washington DC)
  • Sex, Drugs and Relationships (Chicago)
  • The Family System: Influence on Behavior and Symptom Development (Albuquerque)
  • Unraveling the Child Focus Process (Sydney, Australia)
  • Evolution of the Primary Triangle: The Influence of Neuropeptides (Wash DC)
  • What's Love Got to do With it? The Evolutionary Basis of Monogamy (Chicago)
  • Life on a Tight Rope: Work and Family. (KU School of Medicine)
  • Conflict Resolution. (KU School of Medicine)
  • Sibling Relationships: The Illumination of Triangles (Chicago)
  • How Triangles Influence Variation in Sibling Relationships (Wash DC)
  • Pinned Down in a One Up Position - The Nature of Marriage (Chicago)
  • Understanding Behavior Within a Family Context (Salina, KS)
  • Giving Children a Better Chance: Emotional Process in Child Focused Families (Chicago, IL)
  • Group Process and Team Functioning (Chicago)
  • Children in the Spotlight – The Child Focus Process (Chicago)

(for a full list, contact Peg Donley)

In the last decade I have also become involved in wealth management issues and have consulted to businesses and individuals regarding the interplay between family dynamics and wealth distribution.

Presentations and Areas of Interest:

  • Family concerns with inheritance and succession
  • Family businesses
  • Intergenerational family relationships
  • Work and organizational issues